How Coconut Oil Helped My Skin?
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How Coconut Oil Helped My Skin?

It is rightly said that our grandmothers have the solution to each of our problems. Be it any life issue or any health issue. One of the old age secrets that my grandmother told me and my mother is using is Coconut oil for skin.
Yes, sounds crazy but it is true! Coconut Oil has many essential properties which make it one of the best remedies to treat many skin issues.

I remember my mum telling me about massaging my legs with coconut oil as this oil keeps dryness at bay and moisturizes our skin effectively. I followed her advice for a week and it worked. My skin got better and was less dry now.

Coconut Oil for Skin

My experience was just one such instance where coconut oil helped me. After that, it just became my savior and I started using it almost all the times. Using Coconut oil daily cannot only moisturize your skin but keep it healthy and under control.

In this article, I will tell you the ways in which coconut oil can help your skin. Take A Look:

1. A Skin Moisturizer

Coconut Oil is the best moisturizer out there and the only one thing you will require.
As soon as you apply coconut oil on your skin, it will easily seep into your skin pores moisturizing your skin deeply.
Just Apply warm coconut oil liberally on your face other parts of body daily and feel its moisturizing effect on your skin.

2. Minimize Dandruff

Winters bring with them loads of dryness. One common problem which all of us face is dandruff which basically is caused due to dry scalp.
We then spend a lot of money on buying shampoo and products which can help us get rid of this dandruff. And most of the times it doesn’t help.

So before resorting to expensive products, give a chance to this ultra-moisturizing coconut oil. All you need to do is heat 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil on the stove and once it liquifies, massage it onto your scalp. Let the oil stay for 30 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. Follow this for a week or two and you will see how your dandruff vanishes over time.

3. Removing Make Up

Another amazing way of using Coconut oil is for removing makeup. All of us must have struggled to take our makeup off.

It is always a good habit to take off your makeup before going to bed. However, the process to remove makeup can affect your soft skin. Using coconut oil can make this process easier as well as effective for you.
Coconut oil is said to be an incredible grease cutter and a lot better than the commercial products. It is gentle as well as safe for your skin.

In order to avoid skin pulling and rubbing while taking off the makeup, apply coconut oil all over your face using a cotton ball. Leave it for few minutes and then wash off with soap and warm water. You will see a bulk of your makeup is gone, Clean it thoroughly and repeat it if needed.

4. Moisturizing your Lips

Moisturize your lips and make them silky smooth for that perfect pout with coconut oil.
Due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, coconut oil is well suited for chapped lips.

You can either make a lip balm with coconut oil or just apply it directly on your lips.

Homemade Lip Balm with Coconut Oil, Lavender & Honey

Also, the antifungal property of coconut oil can be really helpful in providing a relief to painful oral infections.

5. Acts As An Antibacterial Shield

Coconut oil acts as an antibacterial agent thus protecting the skin from bacterias and pathogens. It can also make you less prone to bacterial infections which can worsen your acne.

Tha lauric acid in the coconut oil acts as an antibacterial agent. Using Coconut oil daily for deep cleansing and moisturizing can keep the bacterial infection under control.
Coconut oil is also antimicrobial and limits the spread of fungal infections.

Thus, Coconut Oil is one of the natural and highly effective oil you can use to treat many health issues. If you want more health benefits you can opt for CBD products in Coconut oil. These products are highly effective in treating issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings and more. CBD is an organic and non-psychoactive cannabinoid and when mixed with coconut oil it becomes a great supplement to help you live a healthier and stress-free life.

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